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koi fish information

“Would You Like to Know How to Raise Healthy, Beautiful Koi That Will Thrive for Years…Guaranteed?”

In Japan they are called ‘nishikigoi’ (colored Koi)…by any other name, they are still just as beautiful.

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Dear Koi Enthusiasts:

Welcome to the Koi Fish Information Center,

This webpage is provided to you and any Koi enthusiast as a source of information for raising healthy, happy fish. My name is Giovanni Carlo P Bagayas.

and I have enjoyed the grace, beauty, and brilliant colors of Koi for many years.

Like most of those interested in Koi, I began my journey with a simple curiosity in the variety of colors and patterns displayed by Koi.

This interest turned to a fully fledged research into the marvelous history of the once drab, gray fish from Persia.

I had to have my own, so a hobby, turned obsession, began over twenty years ago.

I have built ponds, tanks and aquariums; raised Koi fingerlings, bred them, created new colors, cured diseases, designed water filtration systems and just thoroughly enjoy every minute of my time with our Koi.

My family and I are dedicated naturalists living in Zamboanga peninsula Philippines.

We have an ongoing love affair of over twenty years with our Koi and consider it a pleasure to offer our years of practical knowledge and scientific research to anyone who would like to learn about and begin their own “family” of Koi, the “fish of the nobility.”

Please browse the other links at the bottom of this page for more information about raising, caring for, variety identification, pond building, Koi tips and secrets.

We invite you to take advantage of our 15-part, Koi Fish mini-course. Just log-in, no spam, promise.

Its FREE, we email you a lesson each day right to your computer on a variety of subjects relating to the care and well-being of your Koi.

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In my FREE Mini-Course, You’ll Learn:

  • How many Koi varieties and colors are there?
  • Why some Koi can cost as much as $20,000!
  • Which Koi should you buy? Why? 
  • Are you sure it’s a Japanese Koi?
  • Why proper diet must include correct amounts of protein
  • How to identify Koi varieties.
  • Questions you should ask the breeder.
  • Did you “squeeze” your Koi before you bought it?
  • Why the personality of your Koi is important.
  • Keeping Koi disease free.
  • The 4 Most common quarantine mistakes
  • Gold Fish food is NOT Koi food!
  • A successful Koi pond will depend upon correct placement of vegetation.
  • 9 Feeding tips that will extend the life of your Koi.
  • Correct Koi vocabulary could save your fish!
  • And Much, much more…

The Japanese see the Koi as symbols of good luck and prosperity.

I wish you good luck.

Giovanni Carlo

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